“You’re Already There”

“I have been sharing this CD with anyone who will listen…It is helping me study for a licensing exam I must pass by month end…It can facilitate meditation, creativity and studying. This should be required for all students, whether for school or life!”
–Susan D. Glusica, VP
Wealth Advisory Group LLC
New York, NY

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This 50-minute CD introduces state-of-the-art bilateral sound movement.  Multi-tracked, hand-panned nature sounds and original music achieve a deeper, more natural sound experience which simultaneously enhances relaxation, creativity, and deep-brain processes.

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Track Listing

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You’re Already There (4:46)
You’re Already There sample
 Into the Quantum Waves (3:58)
Into The Quantum Waves sample
 Take A Wormhole (4:20)
Take A Wormhole sample
 Holographic Holiday  (6:02)
Holographic Holiday sample
 The Thunder Within (5:38)
The Thunder Within sample
 Non-Consensus Reality (5:00)
Non-Consensus Reality sample
 Time Machine (7:32)
Time Machine sample
 Drum It Up (4:36)
Drum It Up sample
 Move Without Traveling (5:11)
Move Without Traveling sample

Download information and instructions
Get Ignited!


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