Readers are Saying…

I carry this book around with me all the time. I have to be creative at work, so it’s my new secret weapon. It is amazing — I’ve never seen anything else like it out there…Read more
It’s not the typical self-help book that you read from front to back expecting to see the answers to all your questions laid out in front of you. The answers are within, and they come in a form that only you can understand…Read more
Thank you for the reminder that indeed all things are possible…Read more
Images have continued to pop into my mind all day – new, sometimes surprising connections, “a-ha” moments where I see where a piece of a long mulled-over puzzle finally might fit…Read more
So when these creepy memories came up, in my mind I just decided to burn that house down. It literally blew up in flames. It felt great..Read more
Thank you for opening a window back into my own gifts that were right in front of me all along. Life is amazing.Read more
In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, with everything being thrown at us so fast, we need a quick, realistic solution that works. Buddhist meditation helped me to a certain point on the path, but IGNITE uses modern technology and psychology to bring about positive results fast. I recommend this program heartily.Read more
I especially loved how you say ‘you can’t do this wrong!’ I sat down, downloaded the music, got my headphones and jumped in. It took a very interesting turn… Read more
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