Try it Out!


  1. The audio player below plays an abbreviated audio segment from the Ignite The Genius Within soundtrack.
  2. Attach earphones to your computer and play the soundtrack on low volume – loud enough for you to recognize distinct sounds, but soft enough so that it comes through mostly as background.  The soundtrack will alternate from our left ear to your right ear, putting you in a waking dream state that will help you more easily recognize yourself in the images.
  3. There are six images below.  The image will change every few seconds.  You can let them continue to slide in front of your eyes or you can click pause to make it stop.
  4. Take in the image for as long as you like.
  5. Close your eyes and allow your mind to wander off.  Don’t try to do anything.  Just daydream and free associate using the images questions or text as a starting place.  Let whatever happens happen for as long as you want it to happen.  Trust that whatever comes to mind is relevant.
  6. When you are ready, open your eyes.
  7. Take note of any changes that begin happening in your life.
  8. Click here to buy the book and music!

This works best when you listen through headphones.

Photo Credits:

Dolphin: Eric Cheng
All is Well: Kristin Smith Westbrook
Orangs: Sophie and Denda, by Jim Schultz, photographer, Brookfield Zoo
Stop:  Hanna Solin photographer
Galaxy: Courtesy of Nasa
Smiling Sky: Courtesy of Nasa

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