Get Ignited

You’re already there…

This is perhaps one of the greatest messages of all time.

For we have taught ourselves that “happiness” or “paradise” is somewhere far from here, something we don’t have and can’t get to, no matter how much we want it and no matter how hard we try.

But if you’ve ever been depressed on a beautiful day or joyful on a rainy day, then you know that it is how we feel that determines what we see and how things look.  The truth is that paradise is a thought, not a place.  So if you want to make it to heaven, the trick is to realize that you’re already there.

You just don’t know it.

Instead, you keep waiting for the experience, all the while you keep having it.

Follow the links below to discover the methods and the science of
illuminating your personal idea of heaven in your own mind.


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