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Download the FREE Get Ignited Bilateral 8 minute Soundtrack. To use this free soundtrack:

  1. Use headphones so the movement can really activate your brain.
  2. Lower the volume so the sound is not intrusive
  3. Focus on your creative project or study material to boost your creativity or enhance and speed up your learning process.

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My Interviews

Christine Ranck, PhD, is interviewed by Maxine Taylor of CoCreator Network about her phenomenal work with performance enhancement and creativity.

Dr. Christine Ranck is interviewd by Sally Morgan of Sing Like You Speak.
The interview focuses on bilateral sounds to boost singing performance.

Listen to Dr. Ranck’s Teleseminar and Ignite the Genius Within

Videos I Love

Moving Hologram Video
I find this video entertaining, inspiring, breathtaking!

Frightened Rabbit - I Feel Better
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